DIY Ideas for Every Home & Classroom

How our DIY Experts Help So Many Kids, Parents, and Teachers

House of Ideas was built to help you and the people you care about:

  • get inspired
  • bring out your creative side
  • make things by hand
  • save more money
  • be more festive
  • celebrate good times
  • create memories
  • go on adventures
  • show more appreciation
  • spread more love
  • the simple good
  • etc, etc, etc.

It’s a place where DIY experts – parents and teachers with creative superpowers – join forces to bring you cheap, clever, and creative ideas for all the different days of the year. Weekdays, holidays, birthdays, and any other special or ordinary day you can think of.

Find ideas – activities, recipes, and step-by-step tutorials – and try applying them to your own home, school, or life.

Have an idea you can’t find here or elsewhere on the internet? Submit a creative idea so that an HOI expert can professionally bring it to life for you.

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