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Hi! We're the HOI Tech Team. We provide DIY Experts the Technology, love, and care their blog needs to excel in 2019 and beyond.

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Why We’re Here

Your friendly HOI Tech Team, our Platform, and our Slack channel are all built to form excellent and meaningful partnerships with every single HOI Expert, individually and collectively. While our partners bring the creative skills to the table, our Tech Team’s skills are more technical and analytical.

Our Experts make life a little easier for millions of parents and teachers around the world through creativity. We make our partners’ life a little easier by managing their website technology and marketing.

Our partners have decades of experience earning income from advertising, affiliations, and sponsorships. Our team has decades of experience learning e-commerce from some of the best companies in the world.

Our partners have years of hidden data and business intelligence in their Analytics. Our team has years of experience uncovering it, reporting it, and acting on it.

Our partners have organically grown traffic for many years, but now the game has changed with ad-blockers at an all-time high, and organic traffic losses from changing algorithms; it’s more challenging than ever to sustain a WordPress business.

With our wide range of creative and technical skills, we join forces to help you overcome the business challenges of 2018. Adapt, grow, and protect your business for 2019 and beyond.

The HOI Platform

What You Get

WordPress Hosting

Focus more on publishing. Put all technical aspects on our plate: hosting, backups, upgrades, security, optimization, etc. Let us figure out every small, big, weird issue you come across.

Traffic & Page Views

Get more parent and teacher visitors, increase page views, and build loyal subscribers. Get more traffic from Google, Pinterest, Youtube, and emerging networks. Get bonus traffic from showcasing your work on the House of Ideas website, where we feature the greatest DIY ideas of all time in one place.

Revenue Earnings

Get more money in the bank. Increase earnings so you can keep creating ideas for life. Get more brands to hire you. Challenge our e-commerce experts – and let us challenge you – to come up with new income opportunities.


Your blog is your baby. Protect your website and years of published content from cyberattacks, data breaches, and other dangers.

Content Strategy

Carve your own niche to survive long term. Choose keywords, categories and ideas more carefully and strategically. Get intel, tools, and cheat sheets to produce ideas your audience searches and love you for.

Custom Web Development

Get hooked up with standard, premium, and even custom plugins tailored to your blog for: page speed, site experience, URL fixes, navigation, SEO, social sharing, email lists, and even e-commerce.

Unlimited Consultation

No support tickets. Message us on Slack any time for any technical issues with your site, or for digital marketing or technology advice specific to your blog. Pick each other’s brains 1-on-1 or our entire group of Partners and Tech Team members.

Site Experience

Make your site friendlier and easier for parents and teachers to use so they can discover your best ideas and try them at home. Improve site experience on mobile and desktop to get more views, earnings, and repeat visitors.

Analytics & Reports

Be in the know. Pay more attention to the numbers. Get simple and useful information (quarterly reports) to become more aware of your strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses. Access million-dollar insights from your own Google Search Console, Analytics, and HOI’s enterprise marketing tools.

meet the hoi

Tech Team

Bill Pollifrone

Software engineering & technology support

Blaine Jester

Software engineering & technology support

Colin Cronin

Digital marketing & analytics support

Hassan Najfi

Digital marketing support


Katie Dixon

Content strategy and partner support

Wendy Siegel

Content strategy and copywriting support

Raj Shah

Technology, marketing and partner support. Co-founder

“A-Z” Shah

Moral support. Co-founders.

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