About SEO Hosting by House of Ideas

Why We Built House of Ideas

Our platform was built for artisanal bloggers who make ideas come to life as a full-time profession. HOI enables them to join forces, and together we bring you easy, exciting, and repeatable DIY ideas to your home. Each collection of ideas is intended to:

  • inspire you
  • bring out your creative side
  • make things by hand
  • save more money
  • get in the holiday spirit
  • celebrate good times and create more lasting memories
  • take some much-needed vacations
  • show and feel more appreciation for parents and teachers
  • spread more love & spark more joy (cheesy, but perfect and accurate reflection of their best works)

It’s a place where the DIY experts, who also happen to be parents and entrepreneurs, can offer insights, ideas, or inspiration for all the different days throughout the year. Weekdays, holidays, birthdays, and every other special or ordinary day alike.

Find ideas – activities, recipes, and step-by-step tutorials – and try applying them to your own home, school, or life.

The original House of Ideas team