500 Blog Post Ideas & Topics for Creative & Lifestyle Bloggers (2020 Edition)

As you build out your 2020 blog editorial calendar, you’ll ask yourself:

What do I blog about? What topics does my audience care about? What post ideas will get me more traffic? How do I satisfy my readers and blog sponsors / partners?

As SEO professionals with access to a treasure trove of Google search data, we compiled a big list of blog post ideas and topics you should consider using for inspiration.

Our goal here is to find hidden keyword-traffic opportunities. We started with 10,000 keywords and filtered down to 500+ ideas and topics which have low number of SEO competitors, and (relatively) high number of searches.

You’ll see broad, abstract topics you can get wildly creative with, as well as specific tangible ideas which many of you can produce instantly.

printable quotes for blog post ideas

Blog post ideas on Printable quotes

Make printable art, and give it away for free like many of you bloggers do already.

Why? Because every single month, millions of parents, teachers, students Google search printable quotes which they can show off on their mugs, t-shirts, posters, home decor, etc.

Note: to supercharge your authorship and SEO, try the Power Bio Box Pro author plugin for WordPress.

The best way to win search traffic is to give the people what they want. Charge a fee or give it away for free. Professional bloggers realize this tactic not only helps you build your audience, but also builds relationships between fellow bloggers and publishers with whom you can share your files with. They credit you back with natural backlinks to your blog, or with social sharing, both of which create compounding effects on traffic.

So fire up your favorite graphic design tool, and go crazy with your favorite fonts, colors, and textures to create unique printable files.

Below is a list of 50 highly searched printable quotes you can turn into blog post ideas. Backed by keyword research done using Ahrefs, so you’re not aiming in the dark on your quotes.

  1. “Please take one”
  2. “We know you would be here today”
  3. “Today is a good day for a good day
  4. Month signs for baby pictures
  5. “It’s great to be 8”
  6. “7 days of love”
  7. “How do you feel today?”
  8. “Every child is an artist”
  9. “Thanks for being so sweet”
  10. “You are loved”
  11. “Take what you need”
  12. “True friends leave pawprints on your heart
  13. “Be a loner (Einstein)
  14. “Family is like branches of a tree…”
  15. “Don’t forget why you started
  16. “Chase your dreams but always know the road that will bring you home again”
  17. “Watch your thoughts”
  18. “Have a blessed day”
  19. “I drink better than I cook”
  20. “In order to be strong…” (Thomas Monson quote)
  21. “To travel is to live”
  22. “Our greatest fear….(Marianne Williamson poem quotes)
  23. “Nevertheless, she persisted”
  24. “Be like a pineapple”
  25. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”
  26. “Peace without justice is tyranny”
  27. “What if I fall…”
  28. “Stand up to your friends (Harry Potter quote)
  29. “In this family, we quote”
  30. “Not all who wander are lost”
  31. “Children are not a distraction”
  32. “Where there is goodness, there is kindness”
  33. “Oh, the places you’ll go”
  34. “I only went out for a walk”
  35. “Everything in its place”
  36. “If the savior stood beside me…”
  37. “If you haven’t grown up by 60, you don’t have to”
  38. “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries”
  39. “Nothing ever happens the same way twice”
  40. “Not all heroes wear capes”
  41. “A few people changing the world…” (Margaret Mead quote)
  42. “Second star to the right…” (Peter Pan)
  43. “Use it up, wear it out”
  44. “She has fire in her heart, and grace in her soul (sole)”
  45. “Reap the fruit of your labor”
  46. “Believe there’s good in the world”
  47. “Live like you’ve never been hurt”
  48. “Moms are like buttons, they hold everything together”
  49. “You are my sunshine”
  50. “I am only one, but still I am one…” (Helen Keller quote)

holiday post ideas to blog about

365+ post ideas on celebrating big and small holidays year-round

Major Evergreen Holidays

Seasoned bloggers already know about the major US holidays with all the party, costume, crafts, recipes, gifts, printable, and travel ideas associated with them. The opportunity to blog about these ideas is infinite.

The power of compounding effects for longtime bloggers

Keep posting articles on major holidays. If you’re new, start. Look back in your Google Search Console and social channels to find out which posts earned the most traffic and sharing for the given holiday, and keep expanding on that topic.

If, for example, your DIY Minnie Mouse costume was a hit Halloween 2019, then create more Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse costumes or accessories for Halloween 2020. The more blog posts you write about, the stronger the compounding effects on keyword rankings, social shares, blog traffic, and in the end, your income.

The only problem however with the mainstream holidays is that everyone flocks to creating content around these. Newbie bloggers, veteran bloggers, retailers, media publishers, and so on. The demand (search volume) is high, but so is the supply of content. So how can you diversify your blog content creation and promotion efforts?

Find other holidays, celebrations, and occasions that fly under the radar.

Major International Evergreen Holidays

Learn about major ethnic holidays celebrated around the world, which might be under-represented on our American calendars. Here are some really popular holidays we could all benefit to know more about:

  • Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)
  • Diwali (sorry Michael Scott, but it’s not exactly a “Hindu Halloween”, although there is one evening dedicated to costumes called Ves Bhusa! Diwali is almost a week long holiday.)
  • Ramadan
  • Hannukah
  • Kwanzaa
  • O-Bon
  • Uttarayan/Basanth (kite fighting festivals)
  • Check out this list of multinational holidays to learn about, and to consider blogging about

Of course, exercise common courtesy by doing your research, getting your assumptions fact-checked on customs and traditions you’re not an expert on. Host an expert on your blog via guest post or interview.

Once you find a good holiday, give it the usual party, craft, costume, recipe, etc. format you’re normally used to producing, and get to work.

Fun / Weird / (Inter)National Holidays

It used to be just about the major holidays, and your respective cultural / religious holidays you celebrated at home. Now, for better or worse, everyday some person, thing, or idea is recognized with national and international days and other funny, weird, unique hashtag holidays.

There is something every single day.

Naturally, this creates buzz and untapped opportunity for bloggers and even big brands to take advantage of. Load up on your social media and editorial calendars by pinpointing the National whatever days that matter to you and your audience, research them, and apply them to your usual idea formats.

How do you find article ideas for hashtag holidays with DIY keyword research? Easy:

  1. Pick a handful of dates / holidays that are relevant to you and your audience. Here’s a giant list  to pick from.
  2. Type the holiday into the search box on Answer the Public. and hit “Get Questions.”
  3. Skim through the results, and pick the questions and ideas: that people search for +  that you can create something unique to offer for + that you guess your audience might care about.
  4. Research, gather information, create something relevant, and hit publish several months or weeks prior to the holiday date. (Gives Google time to find your blog post, and rank it properly.)

Topics for Every Day in…

We’ve researched fun, weird, quirky holidays to inspire ideas for every single day next year. Writing articles about any of these can increase your chances of getting both social and SEO traffic:

DIY craft ideas to blog about

Blog post ideas about craft projects for all ages

Craft bloggers: Publish more even tutorials and ideas in 2020, but with keyword data in mind. Here are post ideas on all the crafts you can inspire for everyone from babies to teenagers to seniors.

Productivity Hack for Video and SEO regarding craft projects

When producing craft ideas and tutorial blog posts, film video footage of step-by-step instructions. Publish on Youtube AND embed the video in your article to increase both Youtube views, and blog post traffic.

Handmade crafts topics using everyday items

According to Ahrefs, these are the most popular DIY crafts projects people search on Google, primarily using everyday household items:

  1. Mason jar crafts
  2. Wine cork / wine bottle crafts
  3. Duct tape crafts
  4. Paper crafts
  5. Seashell crafts
  6. Plank crafts
  7. Recyclable crafts
  8. Upcycled crafts
  9. Repurposed crafts
  10. Popsicle stick crafts
  11. Pinecone crafts
  12. Cardboard crafts
  13. Hot glue gun crafts
  14. Kawaii crafts
  15. Plastic bottle crafts
  16. Button crafts
  17. Primitive crafts
  18. Horseshoe crafts
  19. Mod-podge
  20. Leather crafts
  21. Terra cotta pot crafts
  22. Felt crafts
  23. Glitter crafts
  24. Sewing crafts

Popular crafting themes to focus on

  1. Star Wars
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Pokemon
  4. Minecraft
  5. Disney (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Moana)
  6. Unicorn

Craft post ideas for when…

  1. for when you’re bored
  2. for when you’re in a rush (5 minutes or less ideas)
  3. for Back to School
  4. For gift giving
  5. For different holiday themes

travel topics for blog posts to write about

Blog posts about Travel & Family Vacations

In some ways, planning to travel and vacation has become really easy. With flight aggregator sites, hotel aggregator sites, and other travel sites like TripAdvisor, not to mention all the awesome travel blogs out there, you have full control over your entire itinerary.

In some ways though, traveling is also still super stressful. Especially if you’re a parent. “Do they allow you to take a baby in an Uber or taxi in San Diego?”

You’re not going anywhere to get away, you’re simply taking your daily struggles elsewhere for a few days.

Even if you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with just your significant other, how many of us come back from a trip, feeling like you need a vacation from your vacation? And let’s not forget the struggle of disconnecting from your devices.

You don’t have to be a pro travel blogger to know how real these struggles are, or how to navigate through them. So for those of you who’ve experienced these dozens of universally shared stressors, and found practical solutions which saved you time, money, and headaches, write about them.

People Google how-to travel advice over a million times a year, and guess what, the top results aren’t always the TripAdvisors, Kayaks, and Expedias of the internet, but modest blogs. This presents excellent opportunity for you to capture travel traffic, make friends with travel bloggers, and most excitingly, earn yourself the chance to collaborate with major travel brands. Boom!

Here are some real world struggles to kickstart your thinking, again backed by the best keyword research tool, Ahrefs:

  1. How to find incredible deals to be able to go on otherwise unaffordable family vacations
  2. How to vacation without traveling (vacation alternatives), such as road trips to, or staycations in [city and state, or country]
  3. How to deeply immerse while on vacation in [city and state, or country]
  4. How to disengage from work, email, and electronics (and not lose your mind)
  5. How to travel safely in [city and state, or country]
  6. Hidden gem activities, destinations or restaurants you won’t find on TripAdvisor or Yelp’s top tourist places to check out (do tourist reviewers or critics truly know better than actual locals what the best places are? I think not.)
  7. How to travel with babies, infants, toddlers, kids, teenagers, pets, SO’s who hate traveling, large families, or even solo
  8. What to do if you lose your wallet in a foreign place
  9. Local tours to take like Randi does here with her Magnolia Market Fixer Upper Waco, TX Tour to give visitors an idea of what it’s like to be an actual resident somewhere
  10. The best tours to take, for example, this guide on choosing the best Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Austria
  11. Souvenir ideas without overspending at airport gift shops
  12. Tips for visiting popular tourist spots, such as Disneyland
  13. What It’s like to stay at [hotel or AirBnB spots] in [city and state, or country] like Tammy does here: renting vacation apartments in London.

Power Tip for Creating New Travel Posts:

You don’t have to take a trip in 2019 to write a travel post in 2019. Look back to trips you still vividly remember, tap into the photos and videos you captured, and run with it.

recipe ideas to blog about

Blog post ideas on food and drink recipes

Google any recipe you can think of, and you’ll find endless amounts of content thrown together Wikihow-style, so that media giants can get lots of views, clicks and ad dollars.

What would you rather see more of: Generic recipes regurgitated by marketers OR recipes passed down from generations by mothers and grandmothers?

Don’t just shoot the photography, capture film too while you’re at it, and publish recipe tutorial videos on Youtube, and subsequently your blog and social media.

Every one of us can trace back to unique, original recipes of deliciousness that have withstood the test of time. Blog about them.

If you’d like to share a secret family recipe you want to share with the world, let us know, and we can publish it in our exclusive family-only recipes section of House of Ideas.

Bloggers can’t afford to NOT use Rich Recipe cards for SEO

Get more search engine traffic and improve usability by adding rich Recipe cards on your blog post with a plugin like Create by Mediavine. It’s developed to show Rich Cards in Google search results using fancy, techy SEO code.

Blog about recipes that are easy to make, hard to resist, and even harder to find on the web

Here are some recipe ideas to focus on, that are more specific, and tailored to unique needs and flavor palettes.

  1. Secret recipe ideas passed down in your family for generations
  2. Healthy but delicious kid-friendly recipes
  3. Alternative food recipes for people who don’t eat gluten, dairy, meat, etc.
  4. Alternative drink recipes for people who don’t drink milk or alcohol
  5. Healthier dessert recipes to satisfy the sweet tooth for people on a no-low sugar diets
  6. Recipes for pregnancy cravings
  7. Recipes teachers can affordably and reasonably put together for their entire class
  8. Recipes using popular kitchen appliances like air fryers, toaster ovens, instant pots, juicers, etc.

movies and tv shows to blog about

Blog topics focused on Movies and Highly Binged TV Shows

Check out highly anticipated upcoming movie and TV Shows of 2020, and mark major releases on your editorial calendar. In 2019, we encouraged bloggers to set themselves up for traffic spikes with highly anticipated movies like Avengers 4, Frozen 2, Captain Marvel, and of course, the LION KING live action. The content ideas for these movies were endless, from party themes, to craft ideas, to Halloween 2019 costumes, to gift ideas, to movie reviews, and so on. This won’t change in 2020.

Power tip for bloggers that work with retailers

Use products from prior releases that you can still purchase from your favorite retailers like Oriental Trading. Most retailers don’t stock new movie items, props, and supplies until AFTER it drops in theaters. Don’t wait that long to photograph your ideas, and publish your posts. Create early, and let the post gain some “equity” with Google for freshness. When new products are available for purchase, re-create the look, and refresh your post to gain even further SEO benefit.

Check out this a list of movies to get started.

Bonus tip on creating content for sponsors

Pitch movie release topics to brands you love working with, and they’ll love you for it. New movie content tends to have lower competition in search and social media, so the quicker they can publish your work, the more traffic and benefits they’ll reap.

We’re not the creative ones, you are…

We’re just the people with really powerful search data in our hands. We hope this list inspired blog post ideas and topics on your 2020 editorial content calendar, and even more you get all the social, referral, and SEO traffic to your blog.

House of Ideas Team

House of Ideas Team

Editorial Team at SEO-powered WordPress Hosting by House of Ideas
The House of Ideas team consists of content creators and editors who write, curate, and share the top DIY ideas, food recipes, and project tutorials.