Gold articles and the golden ratio of publishing

The 10-80 rule is the secret weapon to finding, producing, and re-producing Gold articles.

This is the life hack every super-busy, everyday mom needs to know, especially the professional blogger in creative, lifestyle, and DIY.

How often do you ask the questions?:

  • How much traffic or earnings do successful blogs earn per article?
  • What is your blog ROI: the Return (in traffic or earnings) on Investment (articles published)?
  • How to intentionally improve my content quality, organic traffic, and annual income?

Learn the importance of gold articles, how to discover yours, and how to break your personal-best records when it comes to your traffic and income.

Learn the proven way to extend your blogging career trajectory to 2021, 2030 and beyond.

What is a Gold article?

A Gold article looks as normal as ever other article, except it produces 36X higher ROI than other articles. How?

Imagine a blog with 1,000 live articles (URLs) that gets 1,000,000 page views per year and makes $100,00 per year.

The average article gets 1,000 views and earns $100, right? Yes the math is correct, but the story is fake.

The truth is that a few (~10%) Gold articles that “take off” actually make up most (~80%)of the traffic and earnings.

The 100 articles that take off and catch fire on Google or Pinterest or Facebook don’t just make up 100,000 views and $10,000, they make up 800,000 views and $80,000. The other 900 get only 200,000 views and $20,000 in total.

8,000 views and $800 per Gold article. 222 views and $22 per average article.

The 10-80 rule suggests 10% of published articles result in 80% of total blog traffic, and earnings.

A Gold article gets 36X more shares, views, and dollars than an average article.

This is the important reason why Gold articles and the 10-80 rule really matter

The uncomfortable truth is that takes serious bloggers dozens of ****hours to come up with ideas, to create something, and to share them out on the web, only for ONE of TEN articles to take off, not knowing which one will produce gold.

The Gold article gets 4X higher ROI than the other 9 combined.

This means that the secret to winning the blogging game lies in winner-take-all effects and power laws, like the 10-80 rule.

The 10-80 rule has been time-tested and proven true for almost every (over 100+) small, medium, and large publisher studied in my 10+ years as SEO professional. It is a golden rule, because we see the pattern everywhere! Just like the 80-20 Pareto rule we all know.

Size doesn’t matter. It can be a family-friendly blog run by Ashley Johnston, Ashton Swank, or Randi Dukes. A start-up blog like the TakeLessons blog. Or enterprise blogs run by the Staples, Oriental Trading Company, and AutoZones of the world.

Don’t believe me? Check your stats. Your Google Analytics total traffic. Your Google Search Console SEO traffic. Your Mediavine ad earnings.

If 10% of your posts don’t drive at least 80% of your total traffic, I’ll do a $3,000 SEO audit for your family-friendly blog.

How to calculate the ratio on your own blog

Total Blog Traffic ratio

  1. Go to WordPress, and check your # of posts in “Published” status.
  2. Go to Google Analytics > Acquisition > All Channels > Set Dimension to Landing Page and Date Range to last 12 months.

If 2,000 published posts, add up Sessions or Users of the first 200 URLs, and divide by the total.

What % of your total Sessions or Users come from 10% of your articles?

SEO Traffic ratio

  1. Go to WordPress, and check your # of posts in “Published” status.
  2. Go to Google Search Console > Performance > Set Date Range to last 12 months > Click on Pages tab.

If 2,000 published posts, add up Impressions or Clicks of the first 200 URLs, and divide by the total.

What % of your total Impressions or Clicks come from 10% of your articles?

How to use this ratio to grow your blog traffic, earnings, and business

Knowing this universal ratio is just step 1. Unless you start making use of it, the ratio is just a snapshot in time.

As an already time-starved parent and creative professional, to survive:

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