How to Make Money With Your Blog Without Selling Your Soul (Part 2)

Making money with your blog was probably the furthest thing on your mind when you first started your site. However, as more companies realized the value of working with blog partners, earning a living quickly became an option for many bloggers. If you missed part 1 in our How to Make Money with Your Blog series, you can find it here. 

Making Money by Blogging: Affiliate Partnerships

Affiliate partners are very similar to the pay per click advertising that we mentioned in part 1. However, with affiliate partnerships, you receive a portion of sales that your readers make. The amount depends on a number of factors. Some affiliates pay the same to everyone, regardless of page views or other metrics. Others tailor the percentage per user so you may be making a different amount than other blogging friends. 

There are a number of different affiliate networks. Amazon is well known and quite popular, but other popular companies are Impact Radius and Share a Sale. Both Target and Walmart use the Impact Radius network so it’s a great place to start if you’re new to affiliates. 

When you use an affiliate link in your post, you’ll need to make sure that you’re disclosing that you may receive a portion of sales revenue if someone shops through your link. This is required by the FTC and not disclosing affiliate links could get you in big trouble. 

Making Money by Blogging: Physical Products

If you have a crafty blog, consider selling your finished projects. You can create an Etsy shop, but it’s also a good idea to set up a store on your own site so that you’re not directing all your traffic to Etsy. If you have a lot of inventory taking up space in your house, it’s also not a bad idea to set up a table at a local craft fair. Just make sure to vet the fair before you sign up – you want to make sure it’s worth your time and any expense before you sign up. 

Making Money by Blogging: Subscriptions

A loyal audience and a good following is the perfect venue for a subscription course to educate your readers. If you have a skill that you can teach others, consider creating a subscription course so you can share your skills. If you haven’t sold a subscription course before, a free teaser post to encourage your readers to pay for the full course. 

Making Money by Blogging: Crowdfunding

If you have a product idea in the back of your mind, you don’t need to have a lot of capital to get it off the ground. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo can help you earn the start up money that you need to create and sell a physical product. Popular products like the game Exploding Kittens and the water balloon filling system Bunch O Balloons both started on Kickstarter and can now be found in stores so don’t discount crowdfunding!

Whether you plan on using one of these ways to make money by blogging or you use a combination of tips in part 1 and part 2, these money making tips are a great way to help make your blog profitable year after year. 

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