Republishing Old Blog Posts for more traffic

Learn how to update and revive old posts with new information, content, and structured data, so that you can re-promote your articles and get more SEO and social media traffic to your WordPress site. Easy step-by-step tutorial to update your best articles with the right keywords.

Republishing Old Blog Posts for more SEO traffic (Step by Step tutorial)

Yield: High-ranking Blog Post articles
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy

Learn how to revive old and existing blog posts, what content updates to make, and which social networks to re-promote on, in order to get more new and return visitors to your site.


  • Google Search Console access
  • WordPress admin access


  1. Find money keywords from Google Search Console, as per instructions above, for your old post.
  2. Open WP editor in a separate tab.
  3. Rewrite your Post Title, including some (more) money keywords.
  4. Rewrite your first paragraph to describe what a visitor will find in this article, while sprinkling in your money keywords.*
  5. Add or update your sub-headings (H2s and H3s) as if you were creating an outline of the article, sprinkling in money keywords in each sub-head
  6. Add or update the main body of the article with Q&As, notes, additional instructions, related articles, etc. to make the article more information, richer in content, and deeper in topic coverage. **
  7. Add or refresh photos in the article.
  8. Add a video to your article, ideally your own proprietary Youtube video on your main topic.
  9. Create a "HowTo", "List", or "Recipe" Rich Card using the Create by Mediavine plugin to enrich your article with structured data, which is like a universal language for search engines to understand information.
  10. Link out to highly relevant blog posts on the main topic.
  11. Modify Published Date in Wordpress to current date.


    *Use money keywords to infer what your readers are looking for, what they need to know, and demonstrate greater subject matter expertise.

    **Sub-headings should jump out to your readers, as they're skimming the sections of your article. Use frequently asked questions, fun facts, tips, etc to write your sub-headings and break up your article in a logical way.

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