Welcome to House of Ideas

The Original House of Ideas family
The original team of blogging partners, and tech team members that brought House of Ideas to life.

Born to create synergy

Synergy. Noun.

the interaction of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

House of Ideas is a platform that was built to create synergy between you, the creative, lifestyle, and professional blogger and us, the digital marketing, WordPress, and technology experts.

You obsess about ideas, projects, and recipes to turn a dream into a hobby, a hobby into a side gig, and eventually a side gig into a full-time business. We obsess over hosting, plugins, and blog traffic to help you protect and grow your business over a long period of time.

You have years and years of practice in all things creative, we have it in all things technical.

We’ve now been in business for 3 years, because we’ve helped over a dozen bloggers — some of the biggest names in the industry — get more traffic, make more money, and worry a whole lot less about the state of their blog.

We do what we advise others

Bloggers trust us, because we follow the advice we give. We’ve led high-performing SEO teams at many Fortune 500 companies, and use House of Ideas to share the same winning strategies, techniques, and time-tested principles that we know work. This Start Here page you’re reading exists, because we advise all of our blogger friends to build one. We recommend only plugins and other companies that we know and use.

We serve bloggers by:

Meet the House of Ideas Family

Anum Shah

Anum Shah is Ziya’s mom, masterful Indian cuisine chef, and Director of business development and client satisfaction at House of Ideas.

Katie Dixon

Katie Dixon is a mom of 2, an SEO, social, and content specialist at Oriental Trading Company with 5+ years experience, and Director of partner outreach at House of Ideas.

Raj Shah

Raj Shah is Ziya’s dad, SEO team lead at AutoZone with over 10 years of SEO and WordPress experience, and Director of marketing technology at House of Ideas.

Ziya Shah

Ziya is our spirit animal, and tiny little engine of inspiration that keeps House of Ideas chugging along.