Speedy WordPress Hosting. Time-tested SEO. One affordable subscription.

The traditional way bloggers grow their WordPress business…

You expand from shared hosting companies like Bluehost to a managed hosting company like OrangeGeek or BigScoots or Siteground for WordPress blog hosting. Plenty good options out there.

You get SEO help from the many courses or speakers at conferences, but you’re not really sure if you’re doing it right.

Same with finding developers to redesign your blog, or work on your site speed, or maintain your site for security, backups, and updates.

With SEO hosting plans by the House of Ideas team, you get reliable and affordable help on all of these fronts by one small team who knows your site, your content, and your overall business strategy inside out.  

Why do independent mom and pop bloggers need SEO hosting?

Because the best way to protect, grow, and maintain a successful creative business involves content, SEO, speed, plugins, and other behind-the-scenes technology working together in harmony.  

The publishers –the mom with the 100K monthly page views or the enterprise powerhouse with 10MM page views — that have survived the longest have good SEO, good technology, and effective editorial habits. We know this, because we have over 10 years of doing this for large enterprises like Staples, Oriental Trading Company, and AutoZone. We’ve also obsessed with the mom and pop blogging industry for years.

The mightiest publishers understand the importance on synergizing their creative abilities (in the spotlight) with a technological powerhouse (behind the scenes).

Most hosting companies and SEO consultants don’t realize this, or they only offer it to businesses with big budgets. It’s a lot of work, time, and money.

That’s why we’re the first, and still only, all-inclusive SEO-hosting provider in DIY, lifestyle, food, and other creative spaces for family bloggers.

We not only appreciate the exponential power of building SEO into the heart of your technology, we’ve figured out, and are obsessively figuring out, new and improved ways to actually do it at a fair price for the everyday mom and dad publishers. We genuinely believe you can create or inspire for a living for years to come in a professional, methodical manner, and we prove this in the specific work we do for you.

What exactly do you get with SEO-hosting plans?

Our monthly subscription plans are packed with enterprise-level WP blog hosting technology with powerful, technical SEO foundation, time-tested SEO advice. 

We packaged technological, traffic, and maintenance solutions to real-life problems felt by the hundreds of professional bloggers we’ve met in the last 5 years into affordable and reliable monthly subscription plans. We’re always reinvesting into research and development to come up with new inventions for you. 

Everything we do is designed to help mom and dad publishers create, inspire, and blog for a living. We’re here to use our technology and SEO knowhow to secure your site, to maintain it well, to speed it up, to bring more organic traffic to it, to grow your email list, to boost your Shopify sales, whatever you need to keep going.

What is House of Ideas?

We run a family business to support other family businesses with service plans you won’t find anywhere else. We’re here to put our 10 years of enterprise experience with SEO, publishing, and technology to the benefit of other family businesses. Particularly mom and pop publishers in the DIY, lifestyle, travel, food, crafts, and other creative spaces.

We build creative SEO tools like Power Bio Box Pro — the best WordPress author bio plugin for creators, inventors, and professionals.

Everything we do with you is personal to your blog. House of Ideas clients are not “accounts”, we don’t care about having 1000 clients. We prefer fewer clients, bigger ideas, and even stronger partnerships.  

Please reach out if you wish to sign up for a subscription and become a partner.