Every Author Bio Box Compared — Best WordPress Author Plugins 2022

What is an author bio box plugin?

A plugin that shows an author box at the end of blog posts to give credit to original author. Author boxes introduce the author, allow users to connect with author on social media, and signal trust to search engines…if leveraged the right way.

There are dozens of free and paid author bio box plugins. They only do half the job. 

Author boxes are great ways to signal trust, credibility and subject matter expertise of content creators and professionals. Site owners often add an author byline at the bottom of the post, but this doesn’t cut it. Neither do all the free and paid WordPress author bio box plugins. While they give you complete control and customization, they lack SEO features, namely with Google authorship. The Power Bio Box Pro will help boost rankings of your top posts in Google search results.

The Power Bio Box guarantees every author’s top content on your blog has the highest internal link counts in your Google Search Console Internal Links report. This is one of the many ways it helps you grow your organic traffic. 

Here’s a list of all the author boxes available for WordPress. Save yourself time and money, and put some SEO wins on the board too with the Power Bio Box Pro.

1. Power Bio Box Pro

power bio box pro and free wordpress author plugin

It was created out of need. We looked so hard to find a great author plugin–trying every plugin in the WordPress plugin repo, in the Envato plugin marketplace, and every premium plugin found on Google. Disappointed by them all–underwhelming features, lack of imagination, ugly designs.

So, we re-imagined and built the Power Bio Box Pro and Free editions. Version 1 already knocks out the most downloaded Simple Author Box.

Wait until version 2 comes out with dynamic internal linking, SEO-powered category archive pages, Google Search Console integration, and custom WordPress author archive page template.

2. Power Bio Box Free

No need to buy the top if you don’t care about SEO (though who doesn’t?). The FREE version is more supreme in features than all the others.

3. Simple Author Box

If neither Power Bio Box options are right for you, try the Simple Author Box. No frills. Just a good, basic, time-tested option. 

4. Molongui Authorship

The Molongui premium plugin is legit. It allows you to add latest posts in a separate tab. 

5. Ultimate Author Box

Way too many customization nightmares waiting around the corner. The options look good when you shop on the CodeCanyon landing page, but it took hours and hours to create custom styling. All the pre-set themes color palettes are too flashy. 

6. WP Post Author

Nice clean plugin design. 

7. StarBox

OG plugin – not a bad option. Comes with about 8 different themes, has latest posts tab, lots of social media site icons. 

8. CoolAuthorBox

Comes with a bunch of different color options on a single template. Allows you to add it to your sidebar as widget. 

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