Awesome Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas That Will Score You Serious Teacher Brownie Points

| August 20, 2018

The school bell is starting to ring all over the country as kids and teachers head back for the year. If you’re looking for fun ways to welcome your child’s teacher back to the classroom (or maybe you want to get in good with the teacher to make up for a rambunctious child!), look no further than these back to school teacher gift ideas. Whether you’re super crafty or need a free printable tag to go along with your back to school teacher

Back to School Teacher Gifts with School Supplies

Everyone’s heard that the average teacher spends around $500 a year of their own money each year just on school supplies. Lessen that blow to your teacher’s budget by by giving them a gift they’ll love — school supplies!

"Rumor has it You're a Pretty Remarkable Teacher"


Remarkable Free Back to School Gift Idea


"Welcome Back" Pencil and Crayon Caddy


Crayon and Pencil Caddy Teacher Gift


"Highlight" of The Year



"Smart is Cool"


Stationary Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Back to School Teacher Gifts Featuring Plants

Say thanks for helping your child grow throughout the year with a special plant. Whether you choose herbs, a potted plant or some flowers, your favorite teacher will love the thought behind this gift.

Thank You for Helping Me Grow




You Will Always Bee My Favorite

Food-Based Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

Everyone loves a snack and teachers are no exception. Back to school teacher gifts featuring candy and other snacks are always a teacher favorite. Score some brownie points with these teacher gift ideas featuring, well, brownies. Or candy. Or cookies.

Mint for Each Other Printables for Students and Teachers


Back to school printable by kim byers


"You're the Berry Best" Free Printable Gift Idea


You're the Berry Best Teacher Printable

Awesome Tote Bag Back to School Teacher Gifts

Teachers definitely take plenty of work home throughout the school year. Give them something to bring their projects home with a one of a kind tote bag! When their bag is so cute, they won’t even mind bringing home papers to grade.


"On the Playground is Where I Spend Most of My Days" Tote Bag


DIY School Tote Bag Gift Tag


"You Rule" Apple Tote Bag Gift



Apple Teacher Tote Bag from The Celebration Shoppe


Start your school year off right with these back to school teacher gift ideas! Teachers will love knowing that they’re appreciated and your student will love delivering these special one of a kind gifts!

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Awesome Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas That Will Score You Serious Teacher Brownie Points

Katie Dixon

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