Halloween Dessert Ideas: No Tricks, All Treats

| October 30, 2018

There’s no need for tricks here! These Halloween dessert ideas are the perfect way to get a break from all the candy your kids bring home!

Pumpkin Donuts

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkin and these pumpkin donuts have just four ingredients. The best thing (besides the taste) is that they take just 30 minutes, making them perfect for busy moms.
pumpkin donuts

Ghost Meringue Cupcakes

Say boo! These cute cupcakes are topped with meringue ghosts! The only scare you’ll get is when they’re all gone.
Ghost Chocolate Cupcakes

Candy Corn Bark

This candy corn bark is perfect for Halloween or a fall party. Mix white chocolate with a little orange and yellow candy melts and sprinkle with candy corn. Break into pieces and enjoy!
Candy Corn Bark

Halloween Candy Blondies

Don’t let your kids have all the candy fun! Instead, steal your kids’ Halloween candy and make these blondies for dessert. They work with any type of candy so it’s possible to get a different recipe every time.
Halloween Candy Blondies

Ghost Rice Krispie Treats

Rice krispy treats on a stick are a great take home treat for kids Halloween parties. These are even more spooky with the addition of an icing ghost.
Rice Krispy Ghost Treats

Monster Mash Treats

Do the monster mash! Gummy eyeballs create a funny topper on a mix of caramel popcorn, pretzels and chocolate candies for this monster mash treat.
Monster Mash Treats

Bubbly Cauldron Halloween Treat

This pistachio treat only looks wicked! Delicious pistachio fluff is a sweet treat that your little ghosts and goblins will, well, gobble up!
Halloween Fluff

Candy Cane Treat Cones

White, orange and yellow frosting and a simple sugar ice cream cone make perfectly edible candy corn treat cones. Fill them with candy corn or other Halloween treats.
Candy Corn Treat Cones

Candy Corn Pop Tarts

Love candy corn? You must try these candy corn pop tarts made with candy and premade pie crust.
Candy Corn Pop Tarts

Ghostly White Chocolate Brownies

These white chocolate brownies are topped with a ghostly marshmallow. They’re perfect for a Halloween play date or to take for a treat for a kids’ party.
Ghostly Brownies

Ghost Brownies with White Frosting

A cookie cutter creates ghostly figures out of brownies. Cover these ghost brownies in some white frosting and use a little black icing to make a spooky face – boo!
Easy Ghost Brownies

Frankenstein Oreo Pops

With candy melts, Oreos and an edible marker, you’ve got the materials to make these adorable Frankenstein Oreo pops! Bet your kids can’t eat just one.
Frankenstein Oreo Pops

Oreo Bats

These not so spooky bats also use Oreos as a base, but they add black cardstock wings. For an even more fun twist, use the special Halloween Oreos for a surprise when you bite into them.
Oreo Bats

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Cupcakes baked in an ice cream cone make for a no-mess ghost treat! Pipe white frosting in the shape of soft serve ice cream and add a funny face and you’ve got an insta-ghost.
Ice Cream Cone Ghosts

Halloween Bundt Cake

This Halloween bundt cake is just oozing with chocolate goodness and it’s SO easy to make. Follow the mix, pick the frosting and finish it off with candy corn or your favorite Halloween candy.
Halloween Bundt Cake

Halloween Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter cookies are fabulous, but they’re even more fun when the look like prehistoric fossil cookies. Just 3 ingredients make these cookies a winning choice!

Halloween Peanut Butter Cookies

Candy Corn Pudding Parfaits

If your kids love to help you in the kitchen, this is the perfect dessert for little bakers! All you need in vanilla pudding, whipped cream and orange food coloring to create this delicious candy corn parfait.

Candy Corn Pudding Parfaits

You don’t have to be a decorating wizard to make these Halloween cupcakes. Find everything from simple to amazing that sure to please all your party guests
Halloween cupcakes

Halloween Ghost Cake

This boooo-tiful ghost cake is not only budget friendly, it’s easy to make, too! Just whip up these simple ingredients for a dessert that impresses every time.

Ghost Cake

Leftover Candy Blondies

Why waste Halloween treats when you can bake them right into dessert?! Find tons of options for cookies, cupcakes, cookie bars and Halloween blondies!

Candy Bar Blondies

Ghost Meringue Cookies

If you’re mad for meringue, you’ll love this recipe! Just 4 ingredients make the cutest little ghost cookies that are sure to be a hit after any meal!

Meringue Ghost Cookies

Little bakers will love helping mom make these delicious monster bites! Simple to bake and fun to assemble.

Monster Brownie Cookies

Need more Halloween food ideas? Find spooky side dishes, menacing main dishes and scary snacks!

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