50+ Most Popular Crafts Tutorials for Kids, Parents, and Teachers

| October 10, 2018

Check out this list of some of the most popular crafts and DIY projects by HOI experts. Dozens of random ideas involving sewing machines (and many that don’t require sewing), glue guns, and other hands-on craft accessories. There’s something for kids, adults, and teachers. Affordable, creative, and easy to follow. Try them out, as is, or add your own twists.

  1. 35 Creative DIY Craft Ideas For What to Do With Old Jeans by Ashley Johnston

35 Clever Projects from OLD DENIM JEANS…Don’t throw away any more of those jeans!

  1. How to Measure and Cut Fabrics in PERFECTLY Straight Lines & Squares by Ashley Johnston

How to Cut Fabric PERFECTLY STRAIGHT…and Square It Up! No more crooked lines and frustration with cutting!

  1. BIAS TAPE / BINDING – What is it? Single & Double Fold Tutorial by Ashley Johnston

BIAS TAPE: what is it, how to make it, and why you NEED it! Plenty of detail and description, all about single fold and double fold Bias Tape.

  1. How to Make a DIY Patterned Bow Tie for Kids by Ashley Johnston
  1. How to Add a Hidden Pocket Into Anything (Skirt, Dress, Pants, etc.) by Ashley Johnston
  1. How to Make 30+ Patterned Handmade Fabric Flowers: Step-by-Step DIY by Ashley Johnston

30+ DIY Fabric Flower Tutorials…great for totes, hair accessories, belts, clothing, etc.

  1. How to Make a DIY Hoop Skirt / Dress & Its Boning! SUPER INEXPENSIVE by Ashley Johnston
  1. Selvage / Bias / Grain Definition – How to Cut a Fabric Edge by Ashley Johnston
  1. 100 Mischievous ELF Ideas by Toni Roberts

100 mischievous elf ideas to create some fun and at Christmas-special North Pole arrival and Elf Spaghetti

  1. How to Cut & Make a Continuous Strip of Bias Tape/Binding by Ashley Johnston

Cut a CONTINUOUS strip of BIAS TAPE (from one small square of fabric), a quick way to cut up some bias tape, without wasting fabric!

  1. How to Make Leggings for Your Baby / Toddler Girl by Ashley Johnston

Would you like to make a simple pair of leggings? Or 6? Follow this tutorial to make these super simple leggings with only 2 pieces of fabric!

  1. Sewing Tips: How to Attach Snap Style Buttons to Fabric by Ashley Johnston
  1. BIAS TAPE / BINDING – What is it? Single & Double Fold Tutorial by Ashley Johnston
  1. DIY Fabric Storage Boxes by Ashley Johnston
  1. Fabric Piping – What is it? How to Make & Use Piping by Ashley Johnston
  1. 20+ DIY Backpack Ideas: How to Make & Sew Backpacks for Kids & ADULTS by Ashley Johnston
  1. Defining & Using Interfacing, Fusible Web, Fusible Adhesive by Ashley Johnston
  1. Capture a Photo Of Santa In Your Home! by Toni Robertsw

Your family will love this customized photo of proof that Santa exists

  1. DIY Foam Frame | How to Make Styrofoam Selfie Photo Boards by Mandy Beyeler
  1. Toilet Paper Roll Mummy Game by Mandy Beyeler
  1. How to Make a Baby / Toddler Romper Out of a T-Shirt by Mandy Beyeler
  1. How to Stitch a Blind / Invisible Hem (Sewing Machine Needed) by by Ashley Johnston
  1. DIY Paparazzi Jewelry Peg Board / Foldable Display Case Idea by Mandy Beyeler
  1. How to Make Water Bottle Labels | DIY Water Bottle Template (Free Printable) by Lindi Haws

Print, trim, remove, stick, enjoy.

  1. How to Make a Utility Apron (Simple Pattern by Ashley Johnston)

Perfect for Teachers and classroom crafts.

  1. How to Make a Custom Homemade Picture / Photo Keychains by Mandy Beyeler
  1. Rug Rag Tutorial | How to Crochet a Rug Rag From Old Sheets by Mandy Beyeler
  1. How to Make String Art | Beautiful Rainbow Thread Heart Tutorial by Mandy Beyeler
  1. How to Shrink a Picture for a Pendant / Necklace by Mandy Beyeler
  1. DIY Sewn Fabric Alphabet Letters | Pattern Template by Mandy Beyeler
  1. How to Recover a Nursery Glider by Toni Roberts
  1. How to Make Glitter Felt Hair Bows | Super Easy DIY Template by Mandy Beyeler
  1. Unicorn Valentine Card Box by Toni Roberts
  1. DIY Styrofoam Cup Floam by Toni Roberts

Making Floam without breaking the budget.

  1. Make a Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game from tomato cages by Toni Roberts
  1. 25 Handmade Christmas Craft Ideas With Cricut • By Kim Byers
  1. How to Hang a Photo Booth Backdrop | Kim Byers
  1. Rice Krispies Paint Brushes • By Kim Byers
  1. How to Make DIY Harry Potter House Scarves – NO SEW! By Michelle Stewart
  1. Stamped Clay Jewelry (and Keychains and Gift Tags by by Ashley Johnston)
  1. 6 Free DIY Paper Gingerbread Houses • By Kim Byers

Free paper craft of 6 different 3-D gingerbread house design to decorate a mantel or your tree.

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2: How to Upload & Cut your own Image by Michelle Stewart

Learn how to personalize your Cricut Explore Air 2 with custom images and Cricut Design and this easy to follow Step-by-Step tutorial.

  1. DIY Motivational Water Bottle | Time Marked Reminder Water Bottle (Cricut) by Mariah Leeson

Make a habit of drinking more water with this fun DIY Motivational Water Bottle and fruit infused water recipe.

  1. 25 No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas by Mariah Leeson
  1. Steampunk DIY – How to Make Steampunk Goggles (With Mason Jar Lids by Michelle Stewart)
  1. 30 Best Easter Egg Decorating Ideas By Kim Byers

Collection of fun and creative Easter egg ideas.

  1. Cricut Design Space Idea: Magical Unicorn Party Project Template (with Images by Lindi Haws)
  1. FREE Lemonade Stand Printables by Lindi Haws

Lemonade stands are always a good idea to beat the summer heat. Create the perfect stand with these FREE Lemonade Stand Signs and Printables.

  1. Sizzix Big Shot Plus Machine Design Ideas – Personalization Tutorial With Vinyl by Michelle Stewart

A step-by-step tutorial on how to Personalize Your Sizzix Big Shot Plus with Vinyl.

  1. Kid Craft: Valentine Card String Art & Heart Template By Kim Byers

Have your kids craft homemade cards on Valentine’s Day with this fun and easy string art heart template.

  1. Costume Ideas for Kids: Lemonade and Ice Cream Stands by Lindi Haws

A quick and easy tutorial showing how to Print and Cut with Cricut Explore Air.

  1. Easy DIY Spray Paint Decorated Pumpkins by Kim Byers

Decorating pumpkins just got a whole lot easier and faster – just use kid-friendly stencils and spray paint! No carving needed.

  1. Crafts for kids {12 science craft ideas} By Kim Byers
  1. DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms By Kim Byers
  1. DIY How to Make a Felt Circle Garland by Tammy Mitchell
  1. How to Hang Wall-less Banner By Kim Byers
  1. Pilgrim Crafts For Kids: Pilgrim Hat Tutorial by Lindi Haws

The perfect crafts for kids…pilgrim hats! Make sure to download the free file to create theses iconic hats.

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