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Subscriptions include:

Mom and pops in the creative and lifestyle business shouldn’t do everything themselves. Let us help with the heavy lifting. Benefit your blog from:

Managed Hosting

World-class technology. Free site migrations. ($500 value)


Free & premium plugins expertly set up for you. ($500 value)


VIP WordPress Support. Updates, backups, security. (Peace of mind)

SEO that works

Blog SEO cheat sheets, tutorials, and community. ($1,000 value)

VIP WordPress Hosting and Maintenance

Get peace of mind knowing your blog is in capable hands. Let us take care of all your WordPress worries.

Premium WP Hosting

We take WordPress Hosting to the next level by bundling it with professional SEO help. We handle all the technical aspects of hosting, maintaining, and growing your blog traffic using SEO.

Routine Maintenance

Our Enterprise level tech team has you covered: Security, backups, SSL, CDN. We protect your site from hacks, viruses, and any other small, big, or random issue you come across.

SEO Work Done by us — your friendly HOI tech team

In 2020, Facebook and Pinterest are expected to send you an all-time low in blog traffic. Diversify your traffic sources with SEO. Our experts will do 80% of SEO for you, specifically technical, content, and keyword strategy.

SEO Audits and Top Posts Discovery

We identify major problems and unlike most SEO consultants, we implement the solutions for you to improve performance. You receive a list of your top posts, along with simple cheat sheets to optimize them for more SEO traffic.

Premium Plugins Setup

Get not only access to standard, premium, and custom plugins, but also installation and updating by our experts. Our plugins cover everything from site experience to SEO without bloating your site.

Speed Optimization

Site Speed Optimization has great SEO benefits, but it goes beyond setting up a plugin. Let us take care of image compression, caching, lazy loading, and other performance improvements.

Content Promotion

Syndicate your blog posts, and increase your earnings. Create new traffic avenues, so you’re not always at the mercy of algorithm changes.

SEO Work Done by You — the content creator

The highest earners make SEO a sticky habit. We help you do that by arming you with simple but effective SEO resources and data, which you can easily blend into your editorial process.

Keyword Calendars

Create data-driven ideas. Every month, we research popular article topics and keywords, so you know what to publish and by when, to get more traffic. Ideas that are HIGHLY searched, but have LOW competition.

SEO Cheat Sheets

Follow our easy checklists and tutorials to optimize new and existing posts to get more traffic. Created by SEO professionals, approved by bloggers.

Performance Reports

Get insights from your own Google Search Console, and Analytics, simplified, so you are always know your performance, strengths and areas of opportunities.



  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • Weekly Plugin Updates
  • Tight Security
  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Basic SEO help



  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • Technical SEO Fixes (URL redirects, spam removal, sitemap, cleanup, etc.)
  • Premium SEO plugins + Setup
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Top 50 Posts Discovery
  • Post Syndication


Premium Plus

  • Everything in Premium
  • Top 75 Posts to Optimize
  • Premium Maintenance
  • Full Blog SEO Audit (valued at $3,000)

How It Works

Signing up is easy. Expert site migration is free. Just follow these 5 simple steps.

  1. Pick your plan

    We offer 3 core plans, along with ala carte options that you may mix and match to find what suits your needs.

  2. Complete 10-minute questionnaire

    Safely share logins to your current blog host, domain registrar, and we’ll migrate your blog for you.

  3. Share Google Search Console & Analytics access

    So we can immediately start analyzing opportunities, and improving your blog traffic.

  4. Schedule Strategy Call

    Our friendly SEO professional listens to your blog vision and business goals, and then gives you an action plan.

  5. Get to Work

    You start following our SEO guidance and hyperfocus on the creative, we start renovating your blog, and hyperfocus on the technical.


Ruthie & Madeliene
Mother-daughter team at
Raj and the House of Ideas team were referred to us by a good friend and fellow blogger. At the time, we were overwhelmed and unsure of how to navigate the ever changing world of SEO. As most bloggers have seen declining numbers in SEO, due to many factors, Raj gave us the tools and information that we needed to optimize and fine tune our top posts for greater SEO reach. House of Ideas was exactly the structure and guidance we were searching for and with their help, we were able to turn it around. We have learned so much and our SEO traffic has significantly increased. We feel very supported and informed in an area that was such a frustration before. Raj is readily available to answer questions and to help with needed site support– we so appreciate that! We are truly grateful to Raj and the House of Ideas team for keeping us in front of the SEO curve. We recommend them 110%.
Tauni Everett
Owner of
“I regularly use Yoast, I know how to create hundreds of thousands of backlinks and yet search traffic has remained a relatively “small slice of the pie.” Raj and Anum have endured endless questions and taught me how to truly OWN a topic. Not only that, but I trust that my site is safe with them. They’re not just a host, nor simply an SEO company. They provide all the hosting, site security, technical support, and the ongoing SEO advice I need as a small business. I don’t just consider their company a service provider, but an integral part of my team.”

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